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Whats the lightest and smallest 12″ sliding compound saw??

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Time to upgrade, and catch some of these sales at the time of season, I had my mind set on the Ridgid 12 inch sliding compound (it's actually the Ryobi, but sold under the ridgid name here in the states, ryobi in the UK), but last night at HD, they had one setup, I noticed it had 'play' from left to right, which would equate out to up to 1/8 inch difference on a bevel if i push or pull one way, right hand or left hand... ya know. And just looking at it, it looks heavy (fastened down on display ofcourse so I couldnt tell), not to mention the size, looks alot bigger then the off brand (harbour freight) sliding 12 i'm using now, which means more room and a hassle to load and unload. Looking at pics of the makita, it looks alot smaller. But theres lots of names out there, and different stores carry different lines, and not always on display to check em out. So in you guys opinions, whats the smallest lightest pro 12 compound miter available (dual bevel ofcourse)???
I do alot of 8 inch crown, and shelving, so I need a 12 and it has to be dual bevel.
Looks heavy means that it looked like it had a cast bottom, instead of say a lightweight aluminum. Dewalt is the same, besides, your just buying the name (i use to have a contract with dewalt, was one thing when the tools were free, but now, different story, and i'd choose bosch or makita anyday over dewalt). I'm looking for what 12 has the smallest footprint, the one i'm already running isnt bad compared to the 2 i was looking at. I"ve already got about 10k in tools in the van, need room for other stuff ya know.
I'm looking for opinions from guys that do this for a living, and have ran across various saws on different sites by different crews, not just copy and paste or what you glanced at on the net. Thanks for all the help gents.

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  • mswhite2007

    my husband suggests that you use a 10” compound saw Hitachi brand, he is a carpenter and said that 12” saws are not light in weight. Good Luck Re: dual bevel use a Mikita

  • Romeo

    According to this reviews Bosch, Delta and Rigid get the highest ratings.
    I haven’t used a miter/chop saw in years, but when I buy power tools I usually buy Milwaukee, Dewalt and Makita. Makita makes some really durable light weight power tools for a lower price, but for my home shop I spend a little more and get the heavy stuff.

  • ☳ Wild Thang ☳

    12″ Heavy Duty Double-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

    Item #: 122915 Model: DW718

    Dewalt has a Single lever action double bevel design allows saw to easily bevel left and right 0° – 48° with positive stops at 0°, 22.5°, 33.85° and 45° in both directions permitting user to flip the saw and not the material
    Patented back fence design delivers ability to cut 1 x 16 dimensional lumber at 90° and 1 x 12 at 45°
    Includes carbide blade, blade wrench and dust bag.

  • Michael C

    I haven’t done this kind of work, so don’t dismiss me right away. That Ridgid (that you had your mind made up on) might not be so bad, maybe all that “play ” was from everyone walking by and messing with it. I admit I play with the displays too.Open a sealed box and find out. As far as weight, pick up a sealed box since the display is bolted down. It can’t weigh much more than the true weight of the saw…all that is in there is Styrofoam and cardboard. Just hate to see you spend the next few years saying “Shoulda, coulda.” :-)

  • snowman

    I run six 12 inch Dewalt sliding compound saws every day.They run 10 hours a day and I have never had a problem.Miles of crown and miles of 10 inch base.They have paid for themselves many times over.I like the Dewlat stand that is made for the saw.The stand and the saw are medium weight.

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